About Us


Tech Prodigy LLC Solutions is a managed server support company based in Texas that provides 24 X 7 server support, server security, server administration and remote server management to datacenters , hosting companies and ISPs around the world.

Our entire team is highly educated and is highly skilled in Unix and Linux platforms. We have years of experience for various privately held hosting companies and can support most of the top control panels and operating systems in use today. Though Tech Prodigy LLC is a new brand, we hold over 50 years of combined experience in web-hosting industry. We have a great team of certified and experienced systems administrators who can take care of your servers from initial server setup to critical server and infrastructure management.

Our Services


Shared Support Team

24x7x365 Support Coverage, Covers L1, L2 and L3 Issues, Guaranteed Response Time, We will work as your staff...


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Server Management

Server Monitoring using our monitoring system, Individual login to the monitoring system, Custom monitoring checks...


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Dedicated Team

Support Coverage, Unlimited Servers & Clients, Unlimited Tickets, Guaranteed Response Time, Unlimited admin hours per month...


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Premium Spam Filtering

The Spam Filter Cluster is based on a well known solution in the industry, and built it in a way to provide it to our customers ...


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