Premium Spam Filtering

Premium Spam Filtering Key Features


  • Superior Spam Blocking: Spam, viruses and other threats are identified using a sophisticated multi-layered detection system. Each layer of detection identifies individual threats which combine to create one of the most comprehensive filtering systems in the industry.
  • Email Attack Protection: Your entire email infrastructure, including computers and servers, are masked or hidden from the outside world and protected against incoming email attacks, denial of service attacks, email bombs and other damaging assaults on your internal systems.
  • Real-Time Network Monitoring: Our premium cloud-based spam filtering service has the ability to identify, quarantine, block and strip suspect emails and their attachments in real-time, protecting your internal computers and network from spam attacks or any malicious incoming traffic before they reach you.
  • Premium Multi-Language Filter: This filter provides for real time protection against spam regardless of the language in which it was created.
  • Content and Attachment Filtering: The content and attachment filter intelligently identifies and blocks malicious and sensitive email content and attachments.
  • Fraud Protection: Phishing and fraudulent email content is also filtered out of inbound emails to ensure that employees are protected.
  • Sophisticated end user and administrator quarantine management: Spam Quarantine Reports can be customized and used by individual employees to determine how they wish the filters to handle future emails addressed specifically to them.